Inbound Marketing for Growing Companies


Digital Marketing for Growing Companies


Cook Media ServicesCook Media will assist you in creating an online marketing plan that includes a situation analysis, market segmentation and an overview of e-commerce opportunities and competitive threats. We focus on initiatives that attract target visitors to your domain vs. traditional “push” tactics such as direct mail, trade show pitches, direct mail blasts, and cold-calling that have lost their power to turn strangers into customers. Instead, we employ engaging content, paid search, SEO and tools that automate visitor tracking and lead scoring. We are inbound marketers with special skills in developing brand awareness and channeling online leads for generating sales.

We can help you with lead generation by creating prospect profiles, suitable offers, compelling content and conversion pathways that work. We can provide third-party software applications that facilitate the process of doing keyword research, landing page optimization, lead nurturing, and site analytics.

We can also assess your marketing resource requirements and manage the delivery of contract marketing services through the use of seasoned contractors and reliable outsourcing partners.

Internet Strategy:

Cook Media can help you clarify your online business model, architect your online business plan, identify potential sources of customers and make e-business projections. We can advise you on the templates, tools and techniques for building a sustainable web-based enterprise — either an extension of your bricks and mortar business or something entirely new.

We have helped early-stage companies define their mission and value proposition, assisted high-growth companies in finding the path to online profits, and improved the online marketing ROI for established “old-economy” firms.

Content Development:

Cook Media is led by a former writer and editor for national magazines, TV network news programs and high-profile websites. Content creation is our core strength, and we are skilled in developing brand stories that resonate with your chosen target audience. Our firm can prepare written materials or videos on the topics of your choice, in the form of white papers, newsletters, articles, press releases, social media posts and other components of your marketing communications plans. We have a broad media background and in-depth editorial expertise.

We can also tie your content creation to your site optimization efforts so that the content you display will billboard those keywords that will make it easier for web searchers to find you. We can suggest ways that your blog posts, articles, press releases and videos can be distributed in a way that attracts visitors to your site.

Website Optimization:

Cook Media can benchmark your online operations and assess where you can make improvements in your tools and tactics. We can assist you in engaging the right mix of service providers to help you better manage your online marketing initiatives.

We can help you with search engine optimization, including keyword research, on-page improvement, navigation issues, linking strategies and content enhancements for increased visibility and traffic. We ensure that your site is being properly indexed by the major search engines and that your page rank is enhanced to create inducements for your prospects to visit.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising:

Cook Media can advise you on establishing a cost-effective online advertising program. We will research your keywords and target phrases, refine your bidding strategy, write suitably compelling copy, and measure the results. We are familiar with the methods and tactics required to get your ads clicked by those Web searchers who are the best prospects for your offers.

We have experience running six-figure campaigns for respected, high-profile vendors, and we can either manage your entire lead generation funnel or independently monitor your ongoing traffic generation program on Google Ads, Bing, or LinkedIn, etc. We carefully track your click-through rates and conversions, tweaking keywords, ad copy, landing page elements and offers. We use split-testing and tracking tools to optimize your overall advertising return on investment. Our clients have reaped substantial gains in leads and sales based on our campaigns.